U.S. Kinesiology Institute quality instruction in the art and science of kinesiology

The Importance of Prayer and Intention in the Healing Process
by Arlene Green, published in the Touch for Health Association Journal 2002.

The Science, Art and Ethics of Muscle Testing
by Arlene Green, given as a talk at the 30th National Touch for Health Kinesiology Conference in Chapel Hill, NC June 2005.

Touch for Health Kinesiology for Massage Therapists
by Arlene Green, published in the Florida Massage Therapy Association of Central Florida January 2006 newsletter.

Kinesiology: What Can It Do For Me?
by Larry Green,  published in Inner Change Magazine June 2005.

Where Are They Now? - US Kinesiology
by Arlene Green,
 published in Inner Change Magazine December 2005.

Kirlian photographs of students  'before' and 'after'  receiving a Touch For Health Kinesiology balance. 

Taking the Guess Work Out of Healthy Food Choices by Arlene Green 

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