Endless Energy by Debra Greene, PhDDebra Greene, PhD

June 13 - Clearing Your Blocks to Financial Success 
June 14 & 15 - Inner Clarity Workshop

Have you tried to make changes but feel held back? Many layers form our personalities and spirits. These energy layers are subject to disturbances created by stored emotions, limiting thought patterns, or outdated belief systems. When these disturbances remain in your system, they can cause ripple effects into other aspects of your life.

Through a process called Inner Clarity (IC), we use the wisdom of the body to find limiting beliefs and clear out old ways of thinking. We replace the beliefs that no longer serve us with new and supportive thought streams. In this experiential workshop, light-touch kinesiology (energy testing) is used as a sensitive feedback tool to access information from the bodymind system. Because energy testing responds to words, questions are asked and answers given in a way that disassembles defenses, and interrupts old programming or automatic reactions.

Debra GreeneInner Clarity (IC) is a powerful method of self-discovery, transformation, and healing. It is grounded in the science of subtle energies, and combines principles and practices from transpersonal psychology, consciousness research, and energy medicine. Expect amazing insights and energetic help for making the major shifts your life path calls for. Often the results are significant and permanent change. Come prepared to look at your stuff and come prepared to let it go!

Debra Greene is the Founder of Inner Clarity (IC) and author of Endless Energy: The Essential Guide to Energy Health. She is recognized for her ability to get to the core of energy imbalances and facilitate lasting improvement.  Visit her website.

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